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Mélanie Eugene (often referred to as DarcBeautée) is a wife, mother, mentor, and advocate for young girls and women of all different backgrounds, to embrace their true selves. As an immigrant to the United States from Canada, and with a Haitian heritage etched in her heart, Mélanie is aware of the societal pressures that girls and women feel to fit in; particularly with their hair. Her desire is to inspire and motivate women to not only look within themselves for affirmation, but to encourage the next generation to do the same!


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Kerren Joseph (Radiant Beautee) is a devoted mother, mentor, and educator. Her passion for young ladies' self-worth is commendable. She is always looking for ways to encourage and propel young women to be the beautees they were designed to be!


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At Beautee is ME, we want every girl and every woman to know that she is the definition of beauty. The mission of Beautee is ME is to inspire, encourage, and empower ladies of all ages and backgrounds to find worth in themselves through the diversity of their hair.

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This FREE event is to showcase what Beautee is ME has in store for you next! Come out and participate in some fun activities all while learning how to embrace the "beautee" you truly are. 

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Mommy + ME = True Beautee!


This brunch is to encourage a mother-daughter bond. Whether a biological relationship or a mentor/mentee relationship, all beautees are welcomed.


Love, hair, Diversity


Our pillars stand for girls empowerment. Don't be afraid of natural hair. Embrace it, then change it (if that's what YOU want). Stay tuned for women empowerment quotes, events, and much more.

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Love | hair | Diversity

 It's not a "typo". Hair is lower-cased for a reason. Society has found a way to make women feel like appearance is everything, even from a young age. Though appearance matters in certain aspects, it is NOT what makes a woman worthy. Hair is an important part of a woman's self esteem, however, it is not the most important. Loving who we are as women comes first. Embracing our diversity is imperative as well. Hair... well, that's what it is; hair. Love yourself and what grows out of your scalp. Once you've accepted that, do as YOU please! 


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